Update December 2015

Get ready for a massive update!

Ten levels have been added to develop your squad's power!
- Achieve victory in war and earn experience for your squad.
- Each level unlocks useful bonuses for your entire squad.

Build an Aurora Generator and unlock new perks!
- The Aurora Generator expands your arsenal of available perks for the Command Ship.
- The Dirty Bomb deals damage and slows down combat units within its strike zone.
- The Booster causes gravitational distortion and speed up your units.
The Destabilizer deals massive damage to walls, but is useless against combat units.

New defensive structure: the Disruptor!
- The Disruptor doesn't deal damage, but it does slow down and disarm hordes of airborne units.
- The Disruptor will only attack in the selected direction. Think tactically when planning your defenses!

Do you want to save several layouts for your base? Now you can!
- You can now save and quickly swap base layouts.
- You can save layouts for your military base. They can only be swapped out during the war preparation phase.

Other important changes.
- A limit has been placed on relic bonuses.
- The repair system no longer works on units under attack by a Prismatic Ray.
- Now during an attack on your base the Command Center will store some of your resources.


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