Update April 2015

Heroes upgraded!
- Hero control available! Take control of your hero at difficult times and turn the tide of the battle!
- Defending heroes now use abilities.

New combat units!
- Mobile combat unit: Maverick. Capable of launching itself off the ground and over walls.
- Combat support unit: Seeress. Capable of manipulating matter and energy.
- The Teleporter serves to summon combat units to fight on your side.

Upgrades available!
- Marine, level 7.
- Hawk, level 7.
- Storm, level 7.
- Data Center, level 5.
- Mine, level 6.

Other improvements
- Revenge is now available only if you are defeated in a defense.
- You can now observe a raid on your base in real-time.
- The models and effects of several cannons and mines have been upgraded.
- New sounds have been added.
- Some balance changes.

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