Update October 2014

A new hero: Kratos!
His knowledge of tactical strikes and the enemy's weak points will probably come in handy.

Ion Cannon added!
The future of advanced developments in defensive structures. Available with level nine Command Center.

New building upgrades:
- Level eight Engineering Bay
- Level eight Gatling Tower
- Level eight Missile Turret

New troop upgrades:
- Level four Repair Ship
- Level six Wasp
- Level six C4 Roach
- Level six Raptor
- Level four Imperator
- Level four SS8 Thunder

New upgrades for tactical maneuvers:
- Level six Air Spot
- Level six Air Strike
- Level three and four Freeze Bomb

Balance changes:
- A second Prism Emitter is now available
- Prismatic Ray are now recharged using Ore

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    Федор Рузанов

    Как ак старый вернуть после обновы?

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