How do I continue my game on another device? I lost my phone/tablet. How can I restore my account?

Your game should be linked to your Facebook account. To do it open Settings and bush the Connect with Facebook button. If you do this from another device (we mean - connect your account with the same Facebook account), you will be able to continue your game from where you left off.

Also on Android you can additionally link your game to Google+, on iOS - to GameCenter and on Amazon Kindle - to GameCircle.

If you have some problems with it, please, let us know by using Support button in the Settings or via


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    Homer Navarro

    I can't retrieve my account my accounts name is kamotecue please help me you can see it

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    Fekete László

    I have changed my phone device and installed Galaxy Control to it. After that, trying to link my facebook account to continue my journey in space and happened nothing. If i exit from the app, it is also forgot that i linked my fb acc before. My fb acc's e-mail is same as which i write to you, the name is haverrod. The phone is a Microsoft Lumia 950 XL
    Thank You

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    Michael Vendiola

    Owhy icant sign in to goigle+? Please fix my acount

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    Shahid Shahid Saleem

    But I have window phone.

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    Айбек Скаков

    I lost my data how can I recover them?

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    Айбек Скаков

    in the game galaxy control

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    Jimmy Kwee

    I wipe my phone due to camera issue but i can get to my id ( ChingZ ), please help me with it thanks

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    Jimmy, i'll create ticket for you, our support staff will help you.

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    Martin Zamora

    Please help me... i lost my phone anda i can t recover mi last game... please help me



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    Kettavan Siva

    how do i get my old account back?


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    ‫بردیا صادقی‬‎

    i use android phone. but don't work google + link! please help me, how can i save my game on the google+ or google game?

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    Darya Dunaeva

    ‫بردیا صادقی‬‎, i'll create ticket for you, our support staff will help you!

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    Christian Zipplies

    Hello i have a problem.

    I am playing this game on my android phone where i linked the account to my google plus account. I now want to play this game also on my PC, but there I find no possibility to linke the game on the PC to the google+ account. It is only possible to link to facebook. However my account is not linke to facebook, since i have no account there.

    So how can I install the game on another device using my google+ account?



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    Roman Perov

    Hello everyone!

    Please contact our support staff via if you have any problems.

    Thanks for you interest in Galaxy Control!

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