Update August 2014

Squads can now hold up to 25 members. 
We changed loot system, so now you can take more resources from raids!

New Laboratory produces unique Relics with powerful bonuses!
Each relic provide unique effects:
• Entity Relics boost extraction of minerals and uranium
• Impulse Relics boost your troops.
• Spirit Relics enhance base defense.
• Shadow Relics have unpredictable effects.

Crystals that are used to build Relics can be found by winning battles.

With new level 10 Command Center you can build:
• New Prismatic Ray!
• Level 12 Laser Tower
• Level 4 Infrared mine.
• Level 3 Ballistic Missile.
• Level 11 Walls!
• More Cannons and Laser Towers
• More Infrared mines and Ballistic Missile
• More Mineral Extractors and Uranium Reactors

Prismatic Rays is devastating against any armour, and extremely efficient against SS8 and Imperators. While targeting and activation, the power of its burning rays grows exponentially over time.

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