Update December 2017

The northern winds have brought with them the ill news of the Ice Golem’s invasion:

- Assemble a guild of allies and repel the monster’s attack!

- Get some crystals as a reward for defeating the Ice Golem.

- Assist your allies in battle!

- Increase your guild’s prize fund!

Our mages have decided to gain control over the power of the elements, and so they have prepared a surprise for you:

- New unit

- Ice Golem

New levels are also now available:

- Watchtower

- Guardian Serpent

- Eye of Death

- Whirlwind Flinger

- Chopper

- Clockwork Hulk

- Elven Archer

- Mechanic

- Hornet

Other improvements:

- Now you can recharge defensive buildings with just one tap/click

- Bugs fixed

- Performance improved


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