Can I have a few accounts on one device at the same time?

We don't encourage or support the using of more than one account on one device at the same time.

There is no function in the game that allows you to switch between accounts.

In most cases, the function of connecting account to social networks are wrongly mistook like function of switching game accounts. And because of this mistake a lots of players losing their accounts. Players who using a separate connection (to the Facebook with one account and to the mobile platform - with another), become a hostages to the situation when one of their bases is attached to two social networks at once. In the end, user loses one of the bases, which turns out to not-linked-with-any-social-network.

Also you can lose access to your base if you suddenly forget the password at one of many pages at social networks, which you should create, if you want create a several accounts.

For the most part, of course, this is due to the players' inattention and the rule "if everyone does that, and I will do the same".

Well, to avoid unpleasant situations with losing access to the account and the game, we strongly advise our players do not set up multiple accounts on the same device.


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    i need other id


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    Samuel estaban Soto carrasco

    hey haven't more accounts 5 .
    need my Mobile number is From Sweden ( Connect From Google ,Facebook ) How Can't doing that,,, Thanks For HELP..

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