How do I join or create a Guild?

To join a Guild you must first build the Guild Tower. The Guild Tower can also house donated reinforcement units from your guild-mates. Units inside the Guild Tower will defend your camp and can also be used to attack other players. You can find a Guild at the Global chat. Masters who need members, give an invite in it very often. But remember - if the Join button is gray, it means a few things - this Guild is full of members or you can join this Guild only if you get an invite. About that you can ask the members or a Master of the Guild what you like, at the Global chat. To create your own Guild, push the button Guild on the left side of your screen. Then you need to push button Create. After that you need to give a name to your Guild, choose the emblem and choose which type your Guild will be: open (any user can be able to join) or closed (users can join in your Guild only after your consent).


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    Ralph Ciampa

    Great game!  Does is cost anything to create a guild?  Thanks.

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    Manuel Acevedo

    How do I exit a guild?


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